Born in New York City, David Langley moved to West Nyack at the age of nine where he was quickly befriended by the son of Life magazines copy editor. Rainy days would find them lounging in the attic, drinking Cokes, and leafing through past issues. It was there where he first noticed the contrast between the riveting images accompanying the articles, and the dull, stages pictures in the magazine's advertisements.

The seed for real pictures was planted and took 20 years to sprout.

After attending Cornell University, he signed on with the Tappan Zee thruway bridge project. A “right-time, right-moment” encounter with the firm’s owner changed his life; overnight Dave went from surveyor chauffer to movie maker, spending the next four months capturing the project’s progress on 16 mm film.

Dave became hooked on recording images and set about a career in photography.

After four years of apprenticeship for three commercial photographers (lugging equipment, enduring extreme conditions, and hovering around the poverty line), Dave partnered with a talented designer and the two launched their own company. Between his solid technical experience and his partner's innovative design abilities, the pair quickly became a force on the New York City commerical advertising scene.

They were part of the new "concept" advertising movement that reinvented the industry. Ads now could be funny. They could convey emotion. They communicated an idea. Dave's job was to capture the images.

Forty-five years and more than 5,000 assignments later, David Langley is sharing his extraordinary talents in courses available at two locations in New Jersey. The Metuchen YMCA, The West Windsor Arts Council (in Princeton Junction) and The Baron Arts Center in Woodbridge, NJ


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